Personal Injury Pharmacy

Understanding your exact injury situation goes a long way to ensure a faster recovery process. At AV Chemist, we boast a comprehensive understanding of several personal injury situations. Thus, prove you access to licenced doctors who will educate you on the right approach and use of your prescriptions.
Our pharmacy staffs are always available to assist with your unique situation, providing access and educating you about complicated medications while ensuring your interest is a priority.

Personal Injury Pharmacy

Why Choose Us?

Super-fast medication Processing


AV Chemist understands the importance of productivity to your business. Thus, we partner with your treatment team to provide a 100% fully covered medication, while we manage and simplify the claims process to allowing your workers focus more on recovery.

Avoid Pharmacies that Processes Claims


Is it workers compensation, Auto Accident (No-Fault) or Slip & Fall (Liens)? AV Chemist accelerates your benefits and reimbursement processes. We put patients first and ensure hassle-free access to their doctor-prescribed medications.

No More Worries About Claim Denial


At AV Chemist, you can be rest assured of gaining access to your rights. We’ll work with you to help facilitate your authorization process, whether it’s from provider and payor or it’s a coordinate benefit between secondary and tertiary insurance.

Most commen questions

  • Q: I’m an attorney, how can you help my client?
    A: Av Chemist helps Attorneys to assist their clients in the time of critical distress when client in pain needs help. This way, your client experience doctors handle the questions related to their medicines with the assurance of having the right prescriptions.
  • Q: How do you make it easier to access these benefits?
    A: Avchemist assists attorneys in order for the client to get his medication immediately within 48 hrs. To learn more, call or email me at avchemist
  • Q: What is Worker Compensation?
    A: Worker compensation is a form of insurance that provides workers of an organization with wage replacements or medical benefits when an injury occurs within the working environment.
  • Q: How fast will I get my medications?
    A: AV Chemist strives to provide swift delivery of your doctor-prescribed medication as we believe this is vital to your recovery process. Thus, you can have same-day delivery, depending on the urgency of your injury.
  • Q: Can I get home delivery?
    A: Yes, AV Chemist is 100% flexible and provides you the ability to choose to have your medications delivered to your office or home.
  • Q: What is No-fault / auto Accident injury?
    A: No-fault insurance means when you’re injured in a car accident, your own car insurance coverage will pay some or all of your medical bills and lost earnings, regardless of who was at fault for the crash