About AV Chemist

AV Chemist is a leading provider of workers compensation and injury prescription services. A full-scale personal injury pharmacy driven by the aim of providing injured workers with their right, we are licensed to service the needs of physicians and patients in the modern industry.
In short, we are an innovative & modern pharmacy that ensures efficient and reliable delivery of doctor-prescribed medications for injured workers.
Built around a team of experts and licenced doctors, AV Chemist strives to provide injured workers with convenience and easy access to their prescribed medications. We understand the terms of workers compensation and thus create a simplified system that makes it easier to gain access to your rights.
With us, you can be confident of a capable team that provides you with the convenience of both home and work delivery for your medications.
Committed to the best experience possible, our services are built on a solid foundation that fosters speedy delivery, professionalism, kindness and dignity. Thus, our services are tailor-made for you while ensuring all medications we deliver are doctor-prescribed for the improved healing process.


AV Chemist Story

Access to doctor-prescribed medications is essential to ensuring a faster healing process. However, due to working environments, disputes or litigation, local pharmacies have not been the most convenient place to get your worker’s compensation medications.
Often, this results in delayed access to the right treatment, thus making it frustrating and a time-consuming process.
We decided to change that narrative.
To provide an effective solution that fastens the process, AV Chemist was born.

Why Choose Us?

A Team of Professionals


AV Chemist is made up of a team of experienced professionals that includes doctors and personnel who have helped service thousands of injured workers. We bring this commitment and professionalism to every situation, including yours.

Hassle-Free Access to Prescriptions


At AV Chemist, we understand the importance of quick delivery of your prescriptions to your healing process. Thus, we have designed our services to ensure you have zero delays with a hassle-free access to your medications.

We Are Client-Focused


AV Chemist is committed to delivering the best experience possible. This commitment is evident in our approach that puts your interest first, ensuring a customized service delivery that yields desired results.

Our Mission and Core Values

Our client-centric approach allows Doctors, Attorneys & injured patients alike to go back to what they do best and let us handle the claims from A to Z.
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